Seismic data from Portuguese seismic stations available at IPMA. Still in development.

Web Services

Access to real time seismic data using Seedlink or archived data using Arclink. Also access seismic data using our FDSNWS web services and WFCatalog service.

Web interface

Explore seismic data in the web browser using the provided web interface. Explore either seismic events from multiple online catalogs or station metadata from our networks.


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About the project

The IPMA portal provides users with access to the seismic data gathered by the seismic network operated by IPMA and seismic stations belonging to several Portuguese institutions (Instituto Infante D.Luís, Universidade de Évora, Instituto Geofísico de Coimbra, and Instituto Superior Técnico), and it was developed in the framework of the Collaboratory For Geosciences (C4G). Users can get access to the data by using the web interface provided by this portal or by using the multiple web services (Seedlink, Arclink, FDSNWS, WFCatalog) that are implemented. The services provided by this portal are part of the initiative EIDA within ORFEUS, with the objectives of providing the standardized and secure archiving of seismic data and providing transparent access to the data for the geosciences research communities.